28 January 2022

Interzum Guangzhou Hardware Fair

About the Fair

Established in 2004, Interzum is an international trade fair for suppliers of the furniture industry and interior construction that takes place annually in Guangzhou. As a branch of Interzum in Cologne, the fair was established to provide events in the Chinese and Asian markets and is considered Asia’s leading industry event. Interzum offers the entire portfolio of industrial woodworking machinery

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, furniture production and interior design in Asia, including materials and components for furniture production and interior design, materials and components for upholstered furniture and mattress production, finishing materials, innovative materials.

Main product groups at Interzum, which hosted 1459 exhibitors and 89858 visitors in 2018: abrasives, adhesives, artificial leather, bed slats, blinds, body elements, bolts, brushes, built-in appliances, work organization products, maintenance, chair frames, chipboard, coatings. , cork flooring, counter tops, door elements, doors, dowels, drilling machines, felts, filling machines, fittings, flocking machines, floors, furniture cassettes, cabinet interior systems, furniture construction parts, furniture manufacturing, furniture production tools, furniture polish, doors, glass plates, glues, ironing machines, laminated wood, laminates, leather, lighting systems, locking systems, marble slabs, metal forming, milling machines, moldings, nails, packaging machines, paint spray guns, painting equipment, panels, paper, parquet, drywall, plastic profiles, polishing machines, railings, resins, saws, sewing machines, shelving systems, shelves , showers, stairs, staples, steel pipe components, stone veneer

, swimming pools, upholstery fabrics, upholstery frames, upholstery machinery, varnishes, window sills, windows, wood ceilings, woodworking tools, woodworking tools.

28 March 2022 – 31 March 2022

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